Broadcasting remains as one of the key services in the satellite industry. Despite more and more content holders moving to Internet platforms, regular TV needs high throughput satellites with wide coverage to fit the contemporary content.

Yamal-401 was created specifically to make broadcasting convenient, even in a large country such as Russia. As for the foreign market, Yamal-601 can be a great solution in equatorial regions with heavy rains. As an example, last year we successfully deployed DTH broadcasting service in Bangladesh using our teleport in Schelkovo and Yamal-601 C-band.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how services reach the consumer: classic broadcasting, DTH or through broadband access – Yamal satellites can offer a variety of applications to meet the requirements of the modern world.

The Moscow Satellite Digital TV Center together with the company’s Telecommunication Center in Shchelkovo provides the ground infrastructure which ensures delivery of these services both at the moment and in future. The large coverage zones of Yamal satellites allow to receive TV and audio programs almost anywhere in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Near East, South and South-East Asia.

The number of TV distribution channels broadcasted via Yamal satellites has exceeded 300. It means that the share of the Yamal system in the niche of the Russian distribution television makes about 50%. In the course of implementation of the Federal target program of TV and radio broadcasting development of in the Russian Federation two tens packages of the first and second multiplexes are broadcasted on Yamal satellites.

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