• Telecommunication Center Shchelkovo (Moscow region)

    Shchelkovo Telecommunication Center is a key and the fastest growing element of the company ground infrastructure.

    • Central stations of satellite communication

    Approximately quarter of GSS satellite constellation capacity is marketed through telecommunication services (communication links, TV and audio broadcasting, Internet access) with the purpose to generate added value and to diversify operator's business.

    As for telecommunication service provider, Shchelkovo Telecommunication Center is the basis for company business. Telecommunication Center locates network control stations (hubs) of different technologies, as well as high-power central stations of satellite communication intended to receive/transmit signals trough satellites.

    • Mission Control Center

    The Center exercises mission control, monitoring of operations and onboard systems analysis of all Yamal satellites. TT&C stations deliver commands to the satellites, receive telemetry of onboard systems and make raging measurements.

    • Operations Center

    Operations Center is intended to monitor Yamal satellite constellation capacity, including measurement of transmitted signal parameters, monitoring and data collection for optimization of parameters and transponder loading to the benefit of users, as well as identification of onboard interferences, and to validate users’ ground stations access to satellite capacity.

    Operations Center personnel provides 24-h/7-day support (including English speaking) for satellite capacity users.

    • Aerospace Monitoring Center

    To provide geo-information services to the benefit of Gazprom Group, oil and gas companies and other customers, GSS has established and now develops Aerospace Monitoring Center, which includes complex of space data acquisition and primary processing, complex of UAV monitoring and geodetic support, complexes of topical processing and complex of digital mapping based on supercomputer.

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  • Telecommunication center Pereslavl-Zalessky (Yaroslavl region)

    The reserve control center was built in 2012 near the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl region. In 2019, the Telecommunication Center was built on its basis.
    The Telecommunication Center in Pereslavl-Zalessky houses the Yamal Satellite Reserve Control Center and the Teleport of the Central Federal District to provide broadband access via the Yamal-601 satellite.
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  • Teleport Ordynskoe (Novosibirsk region)

    The teleport of the Siberian Federal District was built in 2019 and is designed to provide broadband access services via the Yamal-601 satellite.
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  • Teleport & Control Center Scvortsovo (Khabarovsk Territory)

    Vostochny Control Center was built in Khabarovsk region in 2014 on the premises of the Far-Eastern affiliate of RTRN (Russian TV and Radiobroadcasting Network).

    It is dedicated to control Yamal-300K satellite, which operates in 183˚E position.

    Satellite control is performed from Mission Control Center at the Shchelkovo Telecommunication Center via the TT&C stations of Vostochny Center.

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  • TV Center (Moscow)

    Satellite TV Center was built in the late 1990s in Sergei Eisenstein Street in Moscow.

    The Center provides digital encoding, compression and multiplexing of TV and radio channels.

    Created TV packages are transmitted to the Telecommunication Center in Shchelkovo by fiber-optic lines and then uplinked to Yamal-202, Yamal-401 and Yamal-402 satellites.

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  • Satellite

    Yamal-601 / 49E

  • Satellite

    Yamal-402 / 55E

  • Satellite

    Yamal-401 / 90E

  • Satellite

    Yamal-202 / 163.5E

  • Satellite

    Yamal-300K / 183E

Yamal Satellite Communication System, created by Gazprom Space Systems, is the infrastructure on which the company’s business is based, and include:
  • space infrastructure (Yamal-601, Yamal-402, Yamal-401, Yamal-202, Yamal-300K, mission control center, TT&C facilities);
  • ground infrastructure (Telecommunication center Shchelkovo, Telecommunication center Pereslavl-Zalessky, satellite digital TV center, Teleport of the Siberian Federal District (Novosibirsk), Teleport Far East (Khabarovsk), Vostochnyi control center, ground stations network in the Russian regions).