Services & Solutions

The main service of Gazprom Space Systems is the provision of satellite resource. About 85% of the Yamal satellites' capacity is sold through direct sales of the satellite resource. The consumers are, as a rule, large service providers with their own ground infrastructure, which provide services to end users based on this resource.

The ground infrastructure of Gazprom Space Systems allows the company to use about 15% of the Yamal spacecraft resource to provide satellite telecommunication services. The consumers of these services are the state and corporate sector, TV and radio companies, service providers, small businesses, social facilities and population.

As an integrator of terrestrial telecommunications systems, the company provides services for creating turnkey satellite communications and television networks. The company's communications and television networking activities are primarily in the Russian market, where it has all the necessary production capacities, licenses and permits. In addition, the company carries out these activities as part of its own investment projects aimed at developing the ground infrastructure of Gazprom Space Systems.

Having the appropriate ground infrastructure (Aerospace Monitoring Center) Gazprom Space Systems provides geoinformation services to Gazprom Group companies and other customers.