In Flight Connectivity

For more and more passengers, being connected in-flight become a requirement. Being able to connect with family, work, friends and entertainment, provides an enhanced travel experience for your passengers and strengthens your airline's brand.

Niche IFC is one of the leaders in the satellite business, still driving strong growth in the industry, striving to make the Internet on board as accessible and convenient as on earth. This fact is changing the focus of equipment manufacturers and suppliers of satellite communications to meet customer requirements.

Due to the wide coverage in the Northern part of the continent, Yamal’s satellites are perfect for organizing communications in the air. The combination of Yamal-401 and Yamal-300K provides coverage from Europe to North America and is successfully used by major IFC operators. The high performance of satellites makes it possible to deploy VSAT networks based on modern antennas with an optimal aperture. Moreover, our ground segment can serve the network along the entire route with the advantage of reducing paperwork and licensing costs.

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