Gazprom Space Systems lets out for lease the orbital capacity of the satellites Yamal-202 (С-band), Yamal-300K (С and Ku-bands), Yamal-401 (С and Ku-bands) Yamal-402 (Ku-band), Yamal-601 (С and Ka-bands).

The satellites have high power parameters and attractive coverage zones.

A wide range of space-based services can be delivered via these satellites:

Yamal satellites capacity is provided either on a regular (the capacity is available seven days a week round the clock) or on a temporary basis (a one-time, short-time use, frequent regular use). The customer may lease either a whole transponder or a part of it.

NOC of Gazprom Space Systems and the company sales departments provide 24/7 monitoring of the used capacity and the customers support.

The rules of the customers’ ground stations admission to the satellites, technical administration of contracts and control of the customers’ use of the provided capacity are stated in the Regulations of Interaction with the Users of the Satellites Capacity.