The principal service of Gazprom Space Systems is the provision of satellite capacity. About 70% of the orbital capacity of the company is encashed through direct sales of the satellite frequency resources. This service is generally used by big service providers, who, operating their own ground infrastructure, supply satellite-based services to the end users.

The ground infrastructure of Gazprom Space Systems allows to market about 30% of the satellite capacity through satellite communication services. The customers for such services are government and corporate sector, TV and audio broadcasting companies, retail service providers.

As a ground communication systems integrator the company offers services on turnkey development of satellite communications and TV networks. This business is run by the company primarily in the Russian market, where it possesses all necessary production facilities, licenses and permissions. Besides, the company does this job within its own investments projects aimed at the development of the ground infrastructure of Gazprom Space Systems. 

As a designer and integrator of space systems and their elements the company carries out works on engineering and integration of payloads for communication, broadcasting and Earth observation satellites, ground control facilities, digital on-board control platforms and other key elements of satellite systems. At the moment the company performs these activities mainly within its own investment projects intended to develop space infrastructure of Gazprom Space Systems, but offers the same service for external customers as well. For this activity the company has the corresponding license from the Russian Space Agency.  

Having the appropriate ground infrastructure (Aerospace Monitoring Center) Gazprom Space Systems delivers geo-information services to Gazprom Group companies and other customers.