Point-to-point SCPC links

Gazprom Space Systems offers SCPC links based on C- and Ku-band capacity. The service is provided via the company's telecommunications center (Shchelkovo), connected by fiber optic lines to the largest Moscow backbones (M9, M5, M10), and the company’s ground stations in regions.

These links can be used by FSS and corporate operators either as an alternative to the terrestrial lines or for their redundancy to increase the networks availability.

Such type of links finds ever-growing application among mobile operators for the networks base stations connection.

Internet providers can get backbone Internet traffic via such links.

Point-to-point links are arranged to ensure constant (with guaranteed throughput) data exchange among the customer's remote facilities and allow to deliver the following services to the user:

Communication services via multi-service platforms DVB-RCS

Gazprom Space Systems has central stations (HUBs) of the DVB-RCS platforms of different technologies based on which offers satellite on-demand channels utilizing C- and Ku-band capacity.

On-demand satellite communication channels are mainly used by corporate customers for data exchange among their remote facilities and allow to provide the customer with the following services:

DVB-RSC platform can also serve as a basis for distant learning and telemedicine projects.

Transportable Satellite Communication Facilities

This service is delivered based on the same DVB-RCS multi-service platforms.

Transportable satellite communication facilities are intended for proving the customer with immediate audio-video links from emergency sites or on-going events, including the possibility of arranging: