25 March 2006

Gazcom to expand contracts with European telecoms companies

Gazcom, the telecommunications arm of Russian energy giant Gazprom, is looking to expand its current contracts with top European telecommunications companies, the company''s chief executive said Thursday.

During CeBIT-2006, a big IT exhibition in Hanover, Gazcom held talks with Dutch firm Carrier-to-Carrier, German companies Insat and Satlynx, and HP, which uses Gazcom-owned Yamal satellites to provide communications between the head offices of German oil and gas companies and their affiliates in Russia and South Asia.

The 20th CeBIT exhibition closed March 15. Organizers were upbeat, despite a 5% decrease in visitor numbers on last year.

A total of 3,305 companies from 70 countries took part in CeBIT-2006, with Taiwan (711 companies), China (412), South Korea (229) and the United States (198) best represented. Russia was represented by 67 companies.

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