Operator Roilcom signed a contract with Gazprom Space Systems on ASTRA 1F satellite capacity use.

6 February 2012


From January 2012 Gazprom Space Systems provides Ku-band satellite capacity to Roilcom company, by using which Roilcom can provide a wider range of telecommunication services — VSAT networks services, Internet broadband access, TV/radio broadcast (МСРС and SCPC mode), backbone link, digital bridges, etc.

ASTRA 1F satellite was launched on April 8, 1996, and from September 2011 it is located and operated at the 55E orbital position. Satellite is located on the geostationary orbit at the height of 35 875 km over the Earth surface. Satellite mass is 3010 kg, it covers the European part of Russia, Ural and Western Siberia. SES ASTRA S.A., Luxembourg, is the owner of satellite. At the end of 2012 Yamal-402 satellite will replace ASTRA 1F as of schedule.

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