GSS promised capacity

10 February 2012

Maria Petrova

Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) concluded preliminary contracts on Yamal-300K and Yamal-402 satellites capacity lease, which will be launched in July and October 2012 correspondingly. Agreements regarding 90% of Yamal-300K satellite capacity and 70% of Yamal-402 satellite capacity were reached.

Dmitriy Sevastiyanov, Director General of Gazprom Space Systems, told the ComNews reporter about this at the international exhibition CSTB 2012. «A part of Yamal-300K and Yamal-402 satellites capacity is already contracted. Preliminary agreements for 90% of Yamal-300K capacity are reached. In the nearest time we are planning to conclude the contracts for 18 transponders of this satellite. The nominal operation of Yamal-402 satellite will start from 2013, about 2/3 agreements are reached, and the final contracts will be signed in spring this year. The part of contracts on Astra 1F satellite capacity is executed with the further moving to Yamal-402» — Dmitriy Sevastiyanov sad.

As ComNews previously reported in September 2011 the international operator SES relocated Astra 1F satellite from the 51E orbital position to the 55E orbital position and provided GSS with all 16 Ku-FSS transponders. In return the Russian operator will provide SES with the equal capacity on Yamal-402, which will be launched in November 2012.

According to Sergey Alymov, Director General of the satellite operator RuSat, from the outset GSS tried creating satellites covering all the Russian territory but not specific regions. Sergey Alymov supposes that in Russia there is few capacity with the global coverage, and GSS chose the right time to come to the market with new satellites, as the nearest competitor of the company- RSCC due to Express-AM44 satellite launch failure had to postpone the launch for several years ahead and as a result it will find itself in a not so winning position.

Sergey Alymov told the ComNews reporter that RuSat leases Astra 1F capacity, and the contract supposes that the company will move to Yamal-402 after its launch. Moreover, RuSat holds negotiations and it is among the companies pretending to Yamal-300K satellite. According to the RuSat’s head the company plans to use the leased capacity to create a Ku-band broadband network for different mobile objects: planes, ships, railroad and motor transport.

Oleg Kuts, Director General of satellite communications operator Stec. Com, supposes that in Russia the demand on satellite capacity has already been remaining for not one year. He told the ComNews reporter that Yamal-300K service zone covers 95% of the Russian territory, and such coverage gives certain advantages in operations via this satellite. Stec. Com considers the possibility of capacity lease on all new satellites, including GSS’s satellites.

According to Dmitriy Sevastiyanov in 2011 GSS revenues amounted to 2.2 billion rubles. Operator business, based on satellite and ground infrastructure, brought 93% of the company’s profit.

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