TV channel Russian Travel Guide stars broadcasting via Yamal-201 satellite

2 June 2009

Gazprom Space Systems and RRSat Global Communications Network (Israel) launched a new Russian tourist channel Russian Travel Guide to be broadcast over the whole Russian territory, CIS and neighboring countries.

This event is the next step in the cooperation development between Gazprom Space Systems and the well-known telecommunication company RRSat. Russian Travel Guide is already the 6th TV channel broadcast by RRSat via Gazprom Space Systems' Yamal-201 satellite.

Both companies are well-known in the world telecommunication community: in 2008 the competent international organization World Teleport Association has selected RRSat as the Independent Teleport Operator of the Year and Gazprom Space Systems as the Corporate Teleport Operator of the Year.

TV channel Russian Travel Guide is the first Russian twenty-four-hour tourist channel aimed at Russian-speaking and the English-speaking population of Russia, CIS countries and Europe. The channel presents the largest country in the world, its culture, places of interest and people.

Until now the channel was mainly broadcast over Europe via European satellite Hot Bird. Having expanded the existing service zone by Yamal-201 satellite the channel will more effectively implement its major task – to increase the tourist afflux into Russia.

Now in total more than 90 channels (Russian central and region and as well as foreign channels) can be received from Yamal satellites.

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