Gazprom Space Systems carries out works on the prospective aerospace Earth observation system named Smotr.

The space segment of the Smotr System consists of optical and radar low-earth orbit satellites on the circular sun-synchronous orbits of 670 km height, dedicated to the remote observation of the industrial facilities, first of all, of the gas industry facilities.

The space segment of the Smotr system will be operated closely with the aeronautical segment of the remote observation, which uses unmanned vehicles.

Services Provided

The company plans to provide the following services based on the Smotr system:

Earth observation data receiving and procession center

Gazprom Space Systems built the Earth observation data receiving and procession center to try out the technologies of earth observation data use from the operational satellites, such as TERRA, AQUA, EROS-B.

Gazprom Space Systems provides services of objects and territory monitoring from space with the direct receipt and transmission of the data shot to the customer, including electronic communication links, based on this center.

Products’ period of submission to the customer for high resolution satellites ranges from 3 to 5 days from the moment of order receipt, upon condition of acceptable weather conditions.

Processed by TERRA and AQUA satellites data and products can be uploaded to the customer’s file-server in real-time mode.