Gazprom Space Systems / Strategy and Mission

Corporate Mission:

To assist Gazprom in implementation of its strategic goals

Our main shareholder Gazprom – is the company with global aspirations. The strategic objective of Gazprom is to become a leader among the global energy companies through new markets development, business diversification, reliability of deliveries. Satellite telecommunications, the focus of Gazprom Space Systems activities, are also global by nature.

Being a part of Gazprom Group, our company acts within the general corporate strategy. Gazprom Space Systems has to provide solutions of technological tasks of the main shareholder, support its entry into new geographical markets, herewith remaining a profitable asset.

State mission:

To secure the common information area of the country and development of hi-tech productions and services

Gazprom Space Systems is an element of the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia, strategically important for the state, and provides services to the Russian government institutions, broadcasts national TV channels, participates in federal programs.

The company increases its role in maintaining the common information area of the country.

Now the company sets itself another important task – to promote revival of the Russian space industry on new principles and new technology level.

Social mission:

To promote fair information resources access, improvement of the society life and harmonious development of the personality

Remoteness from the centers of information and telecommunication trunks – is not the reason for the digital divide. Satellite telecommunications, dependent neither from distances, nor from environment or infrastructure maturity, proposes a unique way of overcoming such inequality.


To ensure continuity and reliability of operations of the satellite segment of Gazprom corporate communication network

The program of Gazprom communication network development assumes replacement and growth of the orbital constellation of the communication satellites Yamal through the launch of new satellites.

Supposedly, about 10% of the capacity on the new satellites will be used in interests of Gazprom for the solution of the current tasks and achievement of long-term objectives of "pioneer" communication, connection of remote sites to technological communication network and redundancy of the ground trunk communication links.

To develop business of the fixed satellite communication operator – the key business of the company

Gazprom Space Systems has become a noticeable player in the field of fixed satellite communication. Its share in the Russian market of satellite capacity makes about 30%.

According to the long-term program of the company development till the year 2020, the launch of two new high throughput satellites Yamal shall quintuple the orbital capacity of the system.

The company intends to expand the business "geography" (at a minimum, the zone of Gazprom Space Systems interests includes all East hemisphere). The world market is tens times more capacious, than the Russian one, and, despite the fierce competition from global and regional operators, the company purports to secure a footing in the markets out of Russia. The target ratio of the Russian and international sales of the company looks as 2:1. 

To develop ground infrastructure of the company with view of increasing the volume, the list and the quality of the delivered telecommunication services

One third of the capacity on the operating Yamal satellites is encashed by the company indirectly, through services (satellite communication links, satellite TV and radio broadcasting and Internet access) provided on the basis of the ground infrastructure (teleports, the center of digital satellite television, communication networks in regions). Thus, in Russia the company is not only the satellite operator, but also a provider of satellite services and integrator of telecommunication networks. Such approach allows to create and diversify the client base and, thereby, to reduce the market risks. On a long-term horizon the share of telecommunication services in the total business of the company will remain at the present level.

To create conditions for the development of new business lines

The company is involved in studying prospects and markets for new services (satellite broadband access, remote sensing of Earth from space, aerospace monitoring).

Recognizing that the infrastructure for new types of business is very expensive, while the market aspects are not always obvious, in these projects the company adheres to the approaches minimizing the risks: at first – the careful feasibility study, then – "pilot" and trial sections and fragments and, at last, full-scale systems.

To expand the "resource" base for the company activity

Availability of the orbital frequency spectrum is the mandatory prerequisite for functioning and development of a satellite operator. The company will continue efforts aimed at protection and expansion of the available frequency resource. It is necessary both for the company operations and for the protection of the national interests of the Russian Federation.

To improve the structure of business

The company will continue to improve organizational structure of business to optimize business processes, to increase capitalization of the company and to improve its image in the financial markets. As before, the company intends to realize its projects on the principles of project financing.

To practice integrated approach to implementation of space projects

Creation of large space systems requires from the company to elaborate the principles pursued throughout its history and thanks to which the Yamal system has been constructed and successfully operated. Gazprom Space Systems in its practice applies the integrated approach to implementation of such projects: at first – the concept, development of new technologies, then – design of key components, organization of the works financing, creation of the entire system in cooperation with enterprises of the space industry, and, at last, - operation of system, delivery of space-based services, return of investments and profit generation.

That is why Gazprom Space Systems will continue to evolve as a vertically integrated scientific and technical, production and operational structure.

To develop innovative technologies and to expand the scientific and technical potential of the company

Understanding that the advanced infrastructure and professionalism are the cornerstone of successful business, Gazprom Space Systems shall further be guided by the latest space and info-communication technologies, shall remain acquisitive to new ideas and upgrade constantly the scientific and technological potential of the team.