Quality Control

The steady development of the company is possible only through assuring the quality of the output products and delivered services. The Management of Gazprom Space Systems see their main mission in establishing, maintaining and continuous enhancing conditions securing the quality of products and services. This objective is achieved by implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy.

Quality Assurance Policy of Gazprom Space Systems

The aim of the company’s Quality Assurance Policy is to produce and supply competitive goods fully compliant with the customers’ expectations and the highest domestic and international quality requirements.

We presume that the stated goal may be reached only if, pursuing its professional activities, our company shall rely on the latest scientific and technological achievements and advanced domestic and international experience in space and telecommunication projects implementation, if we shall steadily master the most advanced technologies and maintain the highest level of our skills.

We also understand that our company management scheme must be arranged in strict accordance with the Russian Law, domestic normative and technical documentations requirements, methods of project control, introduced in the company, and with the international quality standards. The company must work as a united team aspired by the desire to achieve the highest results at every work cluster.

Our objectives are:

  • to make the customers, investors, consumers and contractors be sure of the efficiency of interaction with us;
  • to develop and produce goods and services meeting the current and long-term quality requirements;
  • to achieve the company’s sustainable economic growth and extend its abilities to gain competitive advantages on the domestic and international markets;
  • to reduce costs and duration of the services development and delivery with definitive observance of all stipulated quality requirements.

The Policy is implemented and the objectives are achieved through:

  • systematic analysis of the market demands and timely actions stimulating responsiveness to the market requests;
  • establishment of personal responsibility of all-level managers, each and every employee for the quality of the performed work;
  • organization of quality assurance activities according to the requirements of international standards (ISO 9000) and effective normative documents;
  • efficient application of the quality control principles;
  • apprehension by all employees of the objectives and tasks they face and motivation of their participation in constant improvement of the company operations;
  • regular training and staff development at all levels.

The Management of the company undertake full responsibility for implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy, intending to put it successively into practice and calling all employees for taking active part in this activity.