Yamal-601 satellite is sent into orbit

30 May 2019

The Yamal-601 telecommunications satellite was launched by Proton-M launch vehicle on May 30th, at 8:42 pm Moscow time from Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

The Yamal-601 spacecraft designated to replace the Yamal-202 satellite in 49˚E orbital slot will become a part of the Yamal satellite communications system comprised of the orbital fleet including Yamal-402, Yamal-401 and Yamal-300K satellites.

The new Yamal-601 satellite will provide fixed C-band communications and data transmission services over the regions of Russia & CIS, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In addition, the Yamal-601 is designed to operate in Ka-band and represents the most powerful communication satellite in the Russian Federation in terms of throughput. New capabilities will allow to provide high-speed Internet access in the Russian market, in particular for the interest of Oil & Gas sector of Russia.

The Yamal-601 project is included in the Federal Targeted Program for the Development of TV and Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation. “The Yamal-601 project was implemented thanks largely to the support of Gazprom, and we are confident that it will serve to the benefit of Oil & Gas industry and the entire country as well” said Dmitry Sevastiyanov, Director General of Gazprom Space Systems.

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