Joint Stock Company GASCOM

The Gascom Joint Stock Company was established in 1992 as telecommunications operating and systems development business for Russia and countries of the CIS.

The Gascom Joint Stock Company was established in 1992 as telecommunications operating and systems development business for Russia and countries of the CIS. The company shareholders are:

  • Gazprom;
  • Energia;
  • Gazprombank.
Gascom is vertically integrated telecommunications company. In addition to its role as an operating company, Gascom develops satellite-based communications, telecommunications, and TV systems projects for the company''s customers.
Gascom provides telecommunications services for both the space and ground segments of the Yamal satellite communications and broadcasting system; these include:
  • satellite capacity leasing;
  • satellite channels leasing;
  • TV and radio broadcasting services;
  • satellite Internet access.
Within the framework of space systems development Gascom:
  • designs and delivers satellite payloads;
  • designs and builds ground control facilities;
  • performs the international coordination of orbital slots.
Gascom communications and TV projects include:
  • the designs and building of communications and broadcasting networks;
  • development and manufacturing of communications and broadcasting ground facilities;
  • acquisition of required licenses and permissions.
Between 1992 to 2003 Gascom realized the following projects:
  • developed, built and launched the Yamal-100 satellite;
  • built telecommunications networks for the Russian gas industry:
    • satellite communications network for the northern gas fields;
    • communications and data transmission network for Gazprom;
    • telecommunications system with integrated services for gas sales and financial clearing;
  • built regional telecommunications networks:
    • multi-service network for Yamal-Nenetsky Autonomous Territory and others;
  • developed satellite based digital TV systems:
    • for broadcasting to central Russia;
    • for broadcasting to fifteen Russia regions.

Between 1995-1999 Gascom developed and implemented a new generation communications satellite called the Yamal-100. Gascom operates the 90E orbital position Yamal-100 communications satellite; its C-band coverage includes all of Russia, the CIS countries, and parts of European and Asian.

Forty percent of the Yamal-100''s capacity is used to meet the technical needs of Russia''s gas industry. Commercial interests use 30% of the system''s capacity. The Russian State, its agencies and corporations, 15 regional administrations, about 120 communications operators, 30 TV broadcasting companies, and companies from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria use the remaining 30%.

Gascom has development a new satellite, Yamal-200. Four Yamal-200 satellites will be built and launched by 2005.
First two Yamal-200 satellites have already been manufactured and shall be launched in 2003.
One Yamal-200 satellite will be placed in the 90E orbital slot (co-located with the Yamal-100 satellite). The spacecraft is equipped with powerful C and Ku-band transponders.

The satellite''s C-band transponders make additional capacity available to existing Yamal-100 users in the same orbital position and, if necessary, provide redundant capacity for back up. The Yamal-200''s Ku-band transponders allow high-powered beam to reach any point within Russian or CIS country territory and can be received by customers using small, 0.6-1.2 meter, antennas anywhere within satellite''s broadcast range.

Another Yamal-200 satellite at 49E has a semi-global service zone, and can transmit signals to Europe, Asia, and a part of Africa. The next two Yamal-200 satellites will be launched in the year 2005.

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