Results of Gazprom Space Systems participation in NATEXPO-2011

The NATEXPO-2011 International Exhibition of Professional Equipment and Technology for TV Broadcasting, Mass Media, Internet and Film Production took place in the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow.

The NATEXPO-2011 International Exhibition of Professional Equipment and Technology for TV Broadcasting, Mass Media, Internet and Film Production took place in the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow.

The exhibition, organized by the National Association of Broadcasters with the direct participation of the largest Russian companies, working in TV and radio industry, is held with the support of Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communications

In its exposition Gazprom Space Systems focused on the program of its satellite orbital infrastructure development. Performances of Yamal-300K, Yamal-401 and Yamal-402 satellites, which are under construction and to be launched in 2012–2013, were presented. High power performance of new satellite capacity will allow receiving TV programs on dishes of 0.6–0.9 meters diameter. VSAT with antennas of 0.9–1.2 meters diameter and transmitters of 1–2 W power can be used. New capacity of high quality will give an impulse to develop services of TV and radio broadcasting and broadband access in Russia.

In conditions of satellite capacity lack in Russia the possibility of a temporarily use the capacity of ASTRA 1 °F satellite, relocated to the 55°E orbital position by Gazprom Space Systems under the agreement with the global operator SES, generated a huge interest of broadcasting community. Attractiveness of this project lies in that the business, which customers of Gazprom Space Systems begin on the ASTRA 1F satellite capacity basis, will be continued afterwards on Yamal-402 satellite without any problems. The new satellite is going to be launched to this orbital position in October next year and will provide a three-time wider service zone at the same power performances.

In addition Gazprom Space Systems demonstrated the sound signal and data distribution network, operated via current Yamal satellites and the company’s teleports in MDI format, which was made within the framework of the Federal Target-Oriented Program Development of TV and radio broadcasting in Russian Federation for 2009–2015.

Gazprom Space Systems is satisfied with the results of activity at the NATEXPO-2011 exhibition.