Gazprom Space Systems in the World's Rankings

27 November 2009

The World Teleport Association announced the Top Teleport Operator Rankings for 2009. Gazprom Space Systems was listed in the two categories.

For the second time the company entered the Global Top Twenty. The Global Top Twenty ranks based on revenue from all customized communications sources including satellite capacity provision, communication and teleport services etc.

Global Top Twenty

1. SES (Luxembourg)
2. Intelsat (Bermuda)
3. Eutelsat (France)
4. Telesat (Canada)
5. Stratos Global (USA)
6. GlobeCast (France)
7. EchoStar Satellite Services (USA)
8. Arqiva Satellite & Media (UK)
9. Telespazio (Italy)
10. CapRock Communications  (USA)
11. Thaicom Public Company Ltd (Thailand)
12. Hispasat (Spain)
13. Globecomm Systems (USA)
14. Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (Norway)
15. Asiasat (China)
16. Telecommunications Systems (USA)
17. Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singapore)
18. Spacenet (USA)
19. RRsat Global Communications (Israel)
20. Gazprom Space Systems (Russia)

Also, despite the limited possibilities for growing because of the Yamal satellites full loading reached in 2007, Gazprom Space Systems is still ranked in the Fast Twenty. The Fast Twenty ranks all teleport-operating companies based on year-over-year revenue growth in their most recent fiscal years. In comparison with the previous year in 2008 the revenue growth of Gazprom Space Systems was 19.9%. The company has entered the Fast Twenty for the third time running.

Fast Twenty

1. Europe Media Port (Cyprus)
2. Telecommunications Systems (USA)
3. Central European Telecom Services (Germany)
4. Telesat (Canada)
5. Satlink Communications (Israel)
6. Jordan Media City (Jordan)
7. CET Teleport (Germany)
8. Essel Shyam Communications (India)
9. M-Three Satcom (Italy)
10. Globecomm Systems (USA)
11. Emerging Markets Communications (USA)
12. RRsat Global Communications (Israel)
13. CapRock Communications  (USA)
14. Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singapore)
15. EchoStar Satellite Services (USA)
16. Gazprom Space Systems (Russia)
17. Telepuerto Internacional Buenos Aires (Argentina)
18. Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (Norway)
19. Arqiva Satellite & Media (UK)
20. San Francisco International Gateway (USA)

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