RuSat leased ASTRA 1F satellite capacity

Today satellite communications operator RuSat announced about concluding a contract with the Russian satellite operator Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) on leasing of ASTRA 1F Ku-band 26 MHz transponder.

Today satellite communications operator RuSat announced about concluding a contract with the Russian satellite operator Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) on leasing of ASTRA 1F Ku-band 26 MHz transponder.

The contract between RuSat and Gazprom Space Systems on leasing of ASTRA 1F 26 MHz capacity is concluded for one year, and RuSat considers the possibility to buy one more transponder of such volume during this period. After Yamal-402 launch that is planned in 2012, RuSat will move its operations step by step to this satellite, and in such case the contract on capacity lease will be concluded for a longer period.

Global satellite operator SES provided Gazprom Space Systems with ASTRA 1F satellite, which was moved to the 55E orbital position, where it will be operated till the start of Yamal-402 nominal operation.

Using 26 MHz Ku-band capacity on ASTRA 1F RuSat intends to unload other satellites, mainly Yamal-200 and Intelsat-904, moving to ASTRA 1F SCPC links, point-to-multipoint networks and other fully connected systems. Also the lease of additional capacity will allow the satellite operator to focus on mobile communication systems development.

According to RuSat’s First Deputy Director General Oleg Vatulin, the use of ASTRA 1F capacity in conditions of satellite capacity current deficit will allow to RuSat not to stop business development and to start implementing new projects in order to work with maximum performance on Yamal-402.

According to RuSat’s Director General Sergey Alymov, RuSat has been successfully cooperating with Gazprom Space Systems from 2003, in particular, RuSat leases from the operator significant volume of Ku-band capacity on Yamal-200. Alymov notes that actually Gazprom Space Systems is the only company, which takes into account operators’ opinion regarding the prospect of designing projects of new satellites. RuSat can always discuss any questions regarding the coming projects and participate in making important decisions for the industry.

Gazprom Space Systems’ Director General Dmitriy Sevastiyanov stated that ASTRA 1F power is 52 dBW, and its beam covers the European part of Russia, Ural and part of the Western Siberia. Relocation of this satellite to the 55E orbital position is good news for the market as this satellite came at the moment of satellite capacity acute deficit. In spite of difficult situation with the capacity, operators, in particular RuSat, want to continue their business and to implement new projects, and now we can meet their requirements in the additional capacity. Sevastiyanov adds that customers, which will buy ASTRA 1F capacity, will be able to move easily to Yamal-402 after its launch with the coverage expansion.