Gazprom Space Systems in the international and Russian ratings

According to the results of 2011 Gazprom Space Systems is included in the world rating of global telecommunication companies and the rating of Russia’s top strategically-thinking telecommunication companies.

According to the results of 2011 Gazprom Space Systems is included in the world rating of global telecommunication companies and the rating of Russia’s top strategically-thinking telecommunication companies.

Gazprom Space Systems took 18th place in the Global Top Twenty, which is published by the World Teleport Association. The Global Top Twenty ranks companies based on revenues from their activity as satellite operators and teleport operators.

Global Top Twenty 2011

  • Intelsat (Luxembourg)
  • SES (Luxembourg)
  • Eutelsat (France)
  • Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (Norway)
  • Hughes Network Systems (USA)
  • Telesat (Canada)
  • Harris CapRock (USA)
  • EchoStar Satellite Services Corp. (USA)
  • GlobeCast (France)
  • Arqiva Broadcast & Media (UK)
  • Thaicom (Thailand)
  • Hispasat (Spain)
  • Globecomm Systems (USA)
  • AsiaSat (China)
  • RRsat Global Communications (Israel)
  • Encompass Digital Media (USA)
  • TeleCommunications Systems (Government Services) (USA)
  • Gazprom Space Systems (Russia)
  • GE Satcom (Germany)
  • du (UAE)

Moreover, Gazprom Space Systems was included in the rating of 50 Russia’s top strategically-thinking telecommunication companies, where the company ranks the 18th place. Rating is published by the Institute for Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INES). Gazprom Space Systems’ strategic index was up 0.8 points (in comparison with 2010) and amounted to 60.3 points.