Cobbett Hill expands business on Yamal-402 satellite

Cobbett Hill Earth Station expanded its VSAT networks in EMEA operating via Yamal-402 satellite after signing the according contract at the IBC 2014 show in Amsterdam.

Cobbett Hill Earth Station expanded its VSAT networks in EMEA operating via Yamal-402 satellite after signing the according contract at the IBC 2014 show in Amsterdam.

Gazprom Space Systems and Cobbett Hill Earth Station have been in successful cooperation since 2007. Especially close cooperation started after launching of Yamal-402 satellite operating in Ku-band. Having a 9m antenna in Guildford Teleport pointed to Yamal-402 Cobbett Hill Earth Station provides satellite connections to end users fr om many different industries wh ere maritime, oil and gas, mining and healthcare are prevalent.

In the healthcare industry satellite connection is provided to NGO and Aid organizations in Africa (fixed camp and office locations) to assist with the humanitarian efforts in remote conflict zones. CHE and Yamal provide these essential services to their clients along with Telemedicine and other relief effort requirements.

Maritime services are mostly provided to Super and Mega Yacht Clients in the Red and Mediterranean Seas and also in the Persian Gulf. Vessels operating with stabilized antenna systems get voice and data connectivity using iDirect Evolution hardware. Gavin Rose, Sales Director, Cobbett Hill Earth Station says: “These services are being provided to some of the largest leisure yachts in the world. The client demands a secure, robust, high throughput service at all times. Yamal provides the flexibility, performance and reliability to serve this type of client. This sector has huge potential for growth and CHE feel Yamal is ideally positioned to accommodate this growth”.

Moreover Cobbett Hill and Yamal supports Television Broadcasting and Turnaround providing fully IP managed broadcast Mux solutions, and thus enabling remote office based clients the flexibility to operate their broadcast streams through IP networks.

“We are gratified by cooperation with such creative company like Cobbett Hill and very pleased that Yamal-402 capacity with its attractive coverage zones allows Cobbett Hill successfully implement new interesting projects” says Igor Kot, Deputy Director General, Gazprom Space Systems.

About Cobbett Hill Earth Station:

Cobbett Hill Earth Station is a well-known UK satellite telecommunication services provider. Cobbett Hill teleport operates a large number of antennas on a mix of geostationary satellites offering a complete range of satellite communication services for the Corporate, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Government and Military sectors.

About Gazprom Space Systems:

Gazprom Space Systems is an international operator providing satellites capacity in a considerable part of the Eastern hemisphere. The company has created and operates Yamal Satellite Communications System consisting of three satellites (Yamal-202, Yamal-300K, Yamal-402) and advanced ground telecommunications infrastructure (three teleports, digital satellite TV center, a wide network of ground stations in the Russian regions).