Yamal-300К satellite «participated» in Tour de Timor race

28 September 2017

Tour de Timor 2017, the most known cycle race in Asia, took place in East Timor.

The steerable beam of Yamal-300К satellite was used for providing of communication and Internet access in camps and at the race stages for the participants, organizers and service personnel (including the medical staff), and also for transmission of media content for mass media purposes.

The services were provided by Kacific Broadband Satellites. It uses capacity of Yamal-300К satellite since the beginning of this year. Based on this capacity the company arranges cost-effective Internet access for small businesses, schools and healthcare institutions in Papua New Guinea.

For reference

The first Tour de Timor race on mountain bikes took place in 2009. The tour is considered one of the most difficult and wearisome. Its route passes cross-country terrain. This time the route was nearly 500 kilometers long, with 10,000 meters of climbs and vertical ascents of up to 37°.

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