MaximaTelecom and Gazprom Space Systems agreed on Technological Partnership

St. Petersburg

MaximaTelecom, specializing in the city and transport digitalization, and Russian satellite operator JSC Gazprom Space Systems, within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, concluded the Cooperation Agreement for the digital development and the joint use of the technological potential of the companies to promote the growth of the socio-economic level of the Russian Federation. The Agreement provides for technological partnership and the implementation of joint projects in the field of IT and telecommunications infrastructure, wireless communication services, satellite communications for various categories of consumers.

Such cooperation will contribute to the integrated development of modern satellite communication services through the implementation of digital solutions developed by partners based on promising communication technologies, Big Data, AI and IoT. The agreement will also create conditions and digital infrastructure for the transformation of the satellite telecommunications market, offering qualitatively new services to end users and enterprise customers based on breakthrough technologies. “For more than 8 years, MaximaTelecom has been creating solutions and services that are used by millions of people and entire industries.

The partnership with the largest Russian satellite operator Gazprom Space Systems covers a wide range of projects and areas where MaximaTelecom's expertise will allow creating digitalization solutions taking into account the specifics of this high-tech company and industry. I am confident that our partnership with Gazprom Space Systems will lay the foundation for the technological transformation of the entire space communications market in Russia”, ─ commented Boris Volpe, Director General of MaximaTelecom.

“Now is the time for complex solutions, and interaction with such a competent developer and integrator, which is MaximaTelecom, will allow more efficient use of the capabilities of modern space and ground infrastructure, which has been created and operated by Gazprom Space Systems. I believe that cooperation with MaximaTelecom will make it possible to implement new high-tech info-communication projects both for Gazprom and for various sectors of the Russian economy,” ─ said Dmitry Sevastiyanov, Director General of Gazprom Space Systems.

About MaximaTelecom

MaximaTelecom specializes in technological solutions for the digitalization of cities and transport. The company's portfolio includes projects for the digitalization of Moscow and St. Petersburg metros, ground passenger and railway transport, technological solutions for the digital development of cities, urban and transport analytics services, platforms for business and industry based on Big Data, IoT, Wi-Fi and promising communication technologies. MaximaTelecom operates the largest public Wi-Fi network in Europe, providing infrastructure for digital services in the largest cities in Russia. MaximaTelecom is also one of the backbone enterprises of Russia in the field of information technology.

About Gazprom Space Systems

Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) is a subsidiary Gazprom. GSS carries out space activities in the field of creation and operation of telecommunication and geo-information systems in the interests of Gazprom Group companies and other consumers. GSS has created, operates and develops the Yamal satellite communication and broadcasting system, develops the Smotr aerospace monitoring system, provides telecommunication and geo-information services, and constructs the Assembly Integration and Test Facility.

GSS is one of the two Russian satellite operators providing satellite capacity in a significant part of the Eastern Hemisphere.

The Yamal satellite communications and broadcasting system includes an orbital constellation of five satellites: Yamal-202, Yamal-300K, Yamal-402, Yamal-401 and Yamal-601, telecommunications center in near Moscow Shchelkovo, ground infrastructure in the regions and the center of satellite digital television, providing broadcasting of TV and radio programs via Yamal satellites. GSS is a systemic company of the Russian economy.