Yamal-600 Satellite

Satellite Yamal-601 will be placed in the orbital position 49°E.

The active lifetime of the satellite — 15 years.

The C-band capacity of the satellite Yamal-601 will make 38 equivalent transponders.

The Ka-band capacity of the satellite will make 16 transponders x 500 MHz for subscriber lines and 4 transponders x 2 GHz for feeder lines.

For the services in C-band the satellite will have a semi-global service zone which will cover the visible part of the territory of Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Middle East and a part of South East Asia.

The multi-beam service zone in Ka-band will cover all territory of Russia visible from the orbital position 49°E over 10° of elevation (European part of Russia, including Kaliningrad region, and Western Siberia).