Yamal-202 / 49E

Yamal-202 satellite, operating in 49°E orbital slot, is mainly focused on the international market. This satellite has a semi global coverage (Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, South and South-East Asia) with more than 3 billion population.

Yamal-202 Coverage Zone

Yamal-202 satellite is equipped with C-band payload and is mainly dedicated to arrange trunks between the information resources centers (mainly in Europe) and the centers of these resources consumption (developing countries of Northern Africa, Middle East and Asia), and also to distribute ethnic TV channels for their broadcasting for diasporas.

The satellite is also optimal for arranging point-to-point connection and VSAT network for corporate customers having business in the developing countries and also for governmental structures.

Yamal-202 technical performance
Orbital Position 49°E
Satellite Mass, kg 1330
Payload Power, W 2000
Frequency Band С
Number of Transponders and Bandwidth, MHz 18x72
Transmitter Output Power, W 55
Station Keeping Accuracy, deg 0,1
Satellite Axes Orientation Accuracy, deg. 0,1
Launch Date November 24, 2003