Science & Innovations

Gazprom Space Systems since its foundation and in the entire subsequent activity has oriented at the latest space and communications technologies. Nowadays the company seeks to be acquisitive of everything new and continuously improve its science and technology potential. Gazprom Space Systems imbibed the ideas and principles of different science and technology schools. For the company work experienced professionals in the field of system issues of the space, development of new space technologies, creation of automated spacecraft and payloads, designing and deployment of telecommunications systems.

Gazprom Space Systems science and technology potential is one of the main assets of the company.

The professionals gorgeously share expertise with the youth, in the process of daily work, as well as in the scope of tutorage.

Within the framework of the strategic partnership agreement, Gazprom Space Systems esteblished at the Tomsk State University (Siberia) its basic chair for preparing specialists in the field of designing, developing and manufacturing space communications and Earth remote sensing systems.

This section of the Internet site presents the materials collected to reflect the innovative nature of the company and popularize modern space and telecommunications technologies.