Gazprom is one of the world’s largest energy companies. Its major business lines are geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and marketing of hydrocarbons as well as generation and marketing of heat and electric power.

Gazprom’s mission is to ensure maximally efficient and balanced gas supply to Russian customers and reliably fulfill long-term gas export contracts.

JSC Gazprom possesses the world’s largest natural gas reserves. Its share in the world’s gas reserves is about 17%, in the Russian reserves – about 70%. Reached gas production volume amounts to 83% of the total Russian and 17% of the total world gas production.

JSC Gazprom owns the world’s largest gas transmission system, unified in single Russian gas supply system. Gazprom gas trunklines stretch 159.5 thousand km. 219 pipeline compressor stations with the total power of 42 million kW are used in gas transportation.

JSC Gazprom owns the largest corporate communication system in Russia. Satellite segment of the system is based on the Yamal Satellite Communication System.


Rocket Space Corporation ENERGIA

S.P. Korolev Rocket Space Corporation Energia is a well-known Russian rocket space enterprise, established in 1946, which became the father of almost all areas of rocket and space technologies. Now RSC Energia is a parent organization of manned stations, ships and space systems, created on the basis of these technologies.

First space launch vehicles, different man-made Earth satellites, first national communication satellites, Moon and interplanetary automated stations, Vostok, Voshod, Soyuz manned space ships, Salyut and Mir space stations, Progress automated transport ships, Energia super-heavy launch vehicle and Energia-Buran space transportation system were developed in RSC Energia. RSC Energia takes active participation in the development and operation of the International Space Station and Sea Launch program.

At the end of the1990s – beginning of the 2000s Yamal-100 and Yamal-200 communication satellites were developed in RSC Energia together with Gazprom Space Systems.  



Gazprombank (joint stock company) is one of the Russian largest universal financial institutions, which provides a wide range of banking, financial, investment products and services for corporate and individual clients, financial institutions, institutional and private investors. The bank is among three largest Russian banks and ranks the 5th place in the list of Central and Eastern European banks.

Gazprombank serves the major sectors of the Russian economy – oil and gas, nuclear, chemical and petrochemical, iron and non-ferrous, electric power, machine building and metal working, transport, real estate construction, telecommunications, agricultural industry, trade, etc.

Gazprombank holds strong positions on the national and international financial markets, being one of the Russian leaders in organizing and underwriting of corporate bond issue, in managing the assets, in the area of private banking service, corporate financing and other areas of investment banking.

Gazprombank has about 3 million private and about 45,000 corporate clients.

Gazprombank operates 43 own branches and 5 subsidiary and affiliated banks across Russia.  

Gazprombank implements several large-scale projects based on up-to-date banking technologies, including the use of Yamal Satellite Communication System’s links.